by Relationships

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released April 28, 2012

We are:

Chris Duranko - Bass
Joshua Giacometti - Guitar
Eric Ross - Drums

We all try our best to sing.

Justin Watkins played guitar on all tracks.

Recorded by Jake Lexso in Pittsburgh's historic South Side and his house in Oakmont. Backup vocals provided by Jake Lexso and Matt Rappa.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this possible. See yinz soon ;)



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Relationships Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Cerebro
We locked ourselves away
To remember when we were young

That's all we are
And no one knows
The point

I found myself in a factory
Inhaling soot and complacency

That's all we are
And no one knows
The point

We were coarse and golden
Beneath your window
Remember when we were young?
And not so afraid?
Track Name: Justice Forever
Well, I don't know how to start this
But then again I never do
Yeah, I'm not one for the sprawling narrative
I prefer a more direct approach.

As we stand
By your car
Holding hands
Locking eyes
You'll whisper
"I fucking hate you"

Sometimes I wonder
If you'd have been proud of me growing up
And I've had it in my head that this last line should be something about me being numb But that's fucking cheesy
And I'd like to think we all know better by now
Track Name: Bummer
Mixed signals
And slanted words
You’re not deserved
I’m not your friend
And I never wanted to be

Mixed signals
And forgotten words
More than you deserve
And I never thought I would be

Bite down
Hit bone
Taste blood
Phone home

And I've never felt more accomplished sitting here with you
Track Name: Nice Muscles, Dude
Four years ago
We lay in bed
Talking about god
And now I realize
You're a myth.

As I walk down these steps all I can think
Is how senseless this is that we don't speak
But as the seasons progress, you'll start listening

Cat in hand and a room full of evidence
Harvey Dent had it right, stay ambivalent
Track Name: Dad's Home, Party's Over
When we first met
Locked eyes at passing glance
I knew you'd be the one to ruin the rest of my life

Words in knots when I spoke last
Just kept thinking of how I'd be better off running
Than living in this town
Reviving your memory
Black hair
Black lungs
And eyes to match
Yours is the only face that I can never forget

Seven years gone and it's been fun
For lack of a better term
Seven years gone and it's been fun
The gifts I could never return
Seven years gone and it's been fun
Sleeping around with everyone
Seven years gone and it's been fun
And I'm sorry now that we're done

A lifetime full of problems and accidents
Saying hello to you is the only thing I'll never regret
Track Name: Doin' Man Stuff (Maybe Drink A Beer?)
Lying together on an empty bed she always said "Don't quit."

Don't quit X∞